Heated battles bringing out the very best Mombasa can display as top teams contended for top spots on the table, early on in the tournament.

posted on Feb 09, 2020

The weather getting hotter and so were the matches. heated battles bringing out the very best Mombasa can display as top teams contended for top spots on the table, early on in the tournament.


First match of the weekend played on Saturday afternoon due to a fixture reschedule, saw Memon take on the Pakis.

Memon winning the toss, elected to bat first but immediately found themselves with a shaky start at 20/3 , but Bashir K (23 runs) and Luqman B (49 runs) steadied the innings to give their team a total of 103runs to defend. Irfan Qureshi stood out with his bowling performance of 4 overs 17runs 3 wickets at the depth to ensure Memon went no further. The Pakis were thorough and clinical with the run chase, reaching the target in the 9th over without losing a wicket. PCC winning by 10 wickets. Hamza Khan top scored with 72 runs not out and also winning the Man of the Match award.


One the big matchups of the weekend saw CG taking on the defending champions Cutchi leva. CG did not hesitate to put Cutchi in to bat after winning the toss on what turned out to be a decent batting track. The early scalp of Kenya national player Dhiren Gondaria gave CG vigor which rewarded them with another. At 37/2 , in stepped Sachin Bhudia (61 runs from 35 balls) to take control and give his side a defendable total of 145. From the bowling side, only the opening pacers Pradyuman Joshi (4 overs 15runs 2 wickets) and Kshitij Patel (4overs 22 runs 2wickets 1 maiden) could really boast about their performances. CG fielding two former Kenyan captains (Jimmy Kamande and Maurice Ouma) felt confident with the chase but the road promised to be bumpy…. Two quick wickets staggered their progress but once Adarsh Sawjani (41runs) and Jimmy Kamande (35 runs ) took control , it was curtains for Cutchi Leva , entertaining the crowds with sixes and fours winning the match with 8 balls to spare. Man of the Match : Adarsh Sawjani


Another spirited performance by the young MSC B side who are ever growing in confidence and performance. Memon won the toss and elected to Bat, were not prepared for the tight bowling performances of the youngsters equally supported by their agile fielders. Three bowlers…. Khush Shah , Zuheir Khaku and Milind Kamdar picked up 2 wickets each but it was Zuheir who shined with a spell of 3 overs 6 runs 2 wickets, one which, arguable, could the catch of the tournament where Milind Kamdar on full stretch dive took an amazing one handed catch close to the ground. Memon were all dismissed in the 16th over having only scored 55 runs. MSC B made a meal of the chase, losing 4 wickets before Aaron Desilva(24 runs NO) stepped up and won the match for his team in the 9th over.Man of the Match : Zuheir Khaku


The Battle of the greens! One of the top scoring matches of the weekend where the crowds were entertained with over 300runs in total. JSC winning the toss and electing to Bat started off well with Rushab Patel’s aggressive 50runs in 23balls reaching 70runs when they lost both their opening batsmen in quick succession. Peter Langat (46 runs) controlled the rest of the innings well supported by Joseph Onyango 20 runs and Emmanuel Bundi 21runs to give their side a good total of 165runs. Hamza Khan (2 overs 6 runs 3 wickets) applying the brake for the bowling side with his spell towards the end. Confident of their abilities , the Pakis went about the chase , maintaining the required run rate and target in sight, losing 4 wickets in the process…. among them Imran Qazi (42 runs) who set up the good start. The experienced former Kenya Captain Thomas Odoyo (35 runs) and Affan Butt (25 runs) saw their team to victory. PCC winning the match by 6 wickets.Man of the Match : Thomas Odoyo


This match promised to be a feisty affair with both teams fielding some of the best run getters in the tournament and the promise was kept when over 300runs were scored thoroughly entertaining the gathering crowds. MSC A winning the toss , confidently elected to Bat first, the innings that followed , can be best described, as entertaining, with top scorer Sagar Karia 71runs once again taking command with good support from Abraham Vadada 28runs, Puru Sharma 32runs and Sushil Sharma 34runs giving MSC A a good total of 176/5. In the second innings, BSC got off to a flyer with Kenyan National players Alex Obanda 37runs and Nelson Odhiambo 42runs not disappointing the crowds, attacking every bowler that came their way, but once their wickets fell, it left their captain Yusuf Bakir (31runs) desperately looking for partnerships to push on ….but MSC A could smell victory and pressed on, slowly squeezing the runs dry which created the pressure that would evidently give them victory. BSC managing 152/8 in their 20overs. Some good catches under pressure by Sahil, Puru and Sagar, gave Puru Sharma bowling figures of 4overs 23runs 2 wickets and Sahil Patel 4overs 30runs 3 wickets securing them the victory. MSC A winning by 24runs.Man of the Match – Puru Sharma