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The KCU&SA appointed a Interim Committee in the Coast to spearhead all Umpiring and Scoring activities in the Coast.

Standing from left to right: Mr Sanjay Patel - CCA., Mr Prakash Modi - Treasurer - KCU&SA- Mombasa.,Mr Narendra Dave - Chairman - KCU&SA., Mr Subhash Modi - Past Chairman / Member - KCU&SA., Mr Mohamed Rashid - Secretary - CCA., Mr Upesh Patel - Fixtures Secretary CCA., Mr Vipul Patel - Chairman KCU&SA - Mombasa., Mr Hemant Desai - Secretary - KCU&SA - Mombasa.

The Kenya Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association have appointed a representative/Interim Committee in the Coast to spearhead all Umpiring and Scoring activities in the Coast. The appointments were given on behalf of Association by the Chairman Mr Narendra Dave who had travelled from Nairobi accompanied by Mr Subhash Modi - Past Chairman and a Life Member of KCU&SA. Prior to the meeting with Coast Umpires and Team Captains the Chairman met with the Coast Cricket Association officials in a separate meeting to appreciate the support and assistance they have given to the Coast Umpires in the past few years. Mr Mohamed Rashid (Secretary - CCA) and Upesh Patel (Fixture Secretary - CCA) were both honored and thanked or their support, also present was Mr Sanjay Patel.

Subhash Modi highlighted the valuable support from Mr. Cassim Suliman (Regional Development Manager, ICC Africa and CEO of Africa Cricket Association and his Management, Cricket Kenya,Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association (NPCA), Coast Cricket Association and Rift Valley Cricket Association without their helpful and timely support we would not have achieved success over the years and without these cricketing bodies we cannot go further.

Mr. Mohamed Rashid was delighted to have a meeting with the KCU&SA delegates since he became the secretary of the Association some three years back. Upesh Patel stress the importance of transparency and accountability for better relations. KCU&SA Chairman Narendra Dave and his Management assured support to both CCA and to the newly formed interim committee of KCU&SA Coast Branch for better tomorrow.

The Chairman after having met with the Coast Umpires & Scorers and Team Captains announced the appointments as Mr Vipul Patel as the Chairman, Mr Hemant Desai as the Hon. Secretary and Mr Prakash Modi as the Hon. Treasurer. The team was congratulated by all present and the Chairman Mr Vipul Patel assured that his team will endeavor to support the good game of Cricket in the Coast by uplifting the standards and continued education of Umpiring/ Scoring so that Cricket played at the Coast will be of International standards. He further added that his team will organise Umpiring and Scoring clinics open to all Cricket players young and old so that Coast have plenty of a good standard of Umpires and Scorers. He thanked the Chairman Mr Narendra Dave and Representative, Mr Subhash Modi who travelled all the way from Nairobi to support the Coast team.